About Us

We are a small family of three from Osijek. Wishing to get away from the hectic life rhythm, we have found our peace in the idyllic village of Karanac that we fell in love with at first sight. We wanted our son to grow up in a healthier environment, so after a long search we found our peaceful oasis in Baranya.

We are woken up by a rooster crowing and a sound of village church bells. Birds sing all day long, dogs run around you, and just a look at the horses in the stable takes your breath away.

In our small community you can meet:
mum Nada, dad Marko, son Luka,
and our pets: boxers Gita and Greta, a little Gypsy,
horses: Tena, Lara, Đenka and a little stallion Sokol.

We enjoy spending days at Ivica and Marica estate, and we are inviting you to join us.