Facilities: accommodation service, choice of homemade food, horse–riding, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, a wagon, roller skating, cycling, nordic walking sticks, celebration organizing, trip organizing, organizing of different presentations – with a capacity of 50 guests, wine tasting, loafing in deck chairs, taking part in household chores for the purpose of recreation, karaoke, tamburitza or romani music at your request and all other things we have not mentioned and can be done to make your stay more pleasant...

Tourist environment

Along with our standard facilities, there are other things to do or to see in Baranya: nature park Kopački rit, a great number of wine cellars, The Castle of Eugen Savojski in Bilje, The Castle of the Habsburg family in Tikveš, The Monument in Batina. You can drive in sport utility vehicles, go to sport hunting and fishing, take part in paintball, play golf, row in canoes, go walking, go hiking, try paragliding - high altitude flying, visit many restaurants in the vicinity.

Baranya is really suitable for riding for all kinds of cyclotourists - from those keen on cultural, historic and natural challenges to those keen on hedonistic delights.

For all the facilities it is necessary to call and book a date or service in advance. Please feel free to contact us here.

Bicycle parking house


As a part of the BICBC project we got bicycle parking house.
Bicycle parking house is a safe place for your bicycles during the night or bad weather. House is under lock and it contains tool for bicycle repair.

The BICBC project is co-founded by the European Union.